Viera Lightening Milk Cream. Kennite Creme

Viera Lightening cream
Offers on our skincare products!!
Viera lightening milk 500g – Ksh 10,000
Viera lightening milk 250g-Ksh 5000
Viera serum-Ksh 2500
Dela special -Ksh 5000
Dela normal -Ksh 3500
Dela yellow -Ksh 3500
Pure glow serum -Ksh 1500
Kennite knuckle gel-Ksh 2500
Wix pure essence body cream and serum-Ksh 3800
Wix soap-Ksh 999
Wix serum-Ksh 1500
Wix face essence-Ksh 2500
Wix vitamin e -Ksh 1500
Dela deodorant- Ksh 1500
Kennite face cream-Ksh 3500
Kennite knuckle -Ksh 2500
Kennite soap -Ksh 1500
Tumeric soap- Ksh 999
Tummy slimming tea-Ksh 1500
Skin free serum -Ksh 3500
📍Ebrahims shopping mall 2nd floor shop no J4


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