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Self drive car hire in Donholm, Umoja, Jogoo road

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Deal Score+2
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Ride out your next trip in style. Carscape is the best and cheapest car hire services in Nairobi

Why choose to hire

Gone are the days when owning a private car was a status, and today, the idea of ​​smartly using a car as a tool in daily life has become mainstream. Car hire is one of the means to realize a new way of relating to cars in this way.

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What is a car hire?

Car hire is a hot topic because you can ride at a fixed price. In recent years, we have seen more and more TV commercials, but what kind of service is car hire in the first place? We will explain how it works, how it differs from purchasing, and why it is considered to be a great deal.

In the past, it was common to use commercial vehicles, but in recent years, the number of companies that provide personal car hire for personal use has increased, and it is attracting attention as a way to easily realize a car life.

Car hire is often thought to be difficult, but in reality, it is as easy as any other subscription service. You can use your favorite car for a fixed price, and if you tell the person in charge what you want, they can make a custom-made plan for you. If you are interested, please inquire first.

Car hire is a great service, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of time and effort.

A car is never cheap. For that reason, you may be hesitant to purchase a new car because the initial costs such as the down payment are difficult to save.
In that respect, with a private car hire, the only cost is the cost of the duration of the hire. Most companies accept anything from 1 day to many months. You can get a car without having to prepare a large down payment of hundreds of thousands of shillings or registration fees .

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