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Since the introduction of the first Xerox printer in the early 20th century, printers have been increasingly used not only in professional environments but also in everyday domestic life. Whether you want to print out important documents or just your vacation pictures, there are several types of printers that you can rely on and that will get you the results you want.

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What types of printers are there?

  • Dot matrix printers: These printers are also known as “dot matrix printers”. As the name suggests, these printers use mechanical force to press needles onto a ribbon. The print image consists of a series of closely spaced points and enables the implementation of a wide variety of character sets. The design and mechanism of these printers may seem a bit old-fashioned these days, but matrix printers can also be used to print carbon paper.
  • Inkjet Printers: Perhaps the most common, these printers are inexpensive and can print at high speeds when printing digital images on paper, plastic, and other media. The print image of an inkjet printer is similar to the print image of a dot matrix printer, but the dots are so close together that no distance can be seen between them. The print image is therefore perceived as “full image”. Inkjet printers can be equipped with WiFi connectivity and enable printing from smart devices.
  • Laser printers: Laser printers are the first choice in terms of image quality. They work on the basis of static electricity: when a laser beam images the data on a drum in the printer, a pattern of electrostatic charges is created. These electrostatic charges then draw particles of powdered ink (toner) onto the print media. The actually printed page is then achieved by a fuser unit that permanently adheres the toner to the medium.
  • Portable Printers: Also known as mobile printers, these printers are the best option when you need the features of a printer on the go. These printers fit in a backpack and typically use inkless printing technology; H. Their maintenance is limited to replenishing photo paper.
  • Label printers: These printers are the best option if you want to print on self-adhesive tapes or labels. There are label printers with impact, laser or thermal mechanisms, the latter being the most commonly used. Label markers are a type of label printer with an integrated display and keyboard. These devices can be used independently of external computers.

KYOCERA helps corporate clients manage digital records. The printer manufacturer specializes in the supply of hardware and software products for document management. See if a KYOCERA printer is suitable for your office!

Kyocera A3/A4 b/w printers
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KYOCERA printer range

If you want to optimize your document flow and save on your printing costs, choose a KYOCERA printer. Orange Cherubims Ltd Kisumu is a dealer of KYOCERA black and white printers , KYOCERA color printers , all in one black and white printers from KYOCERA,  all in one color printers from KYOCERA  and ECOSYS business printers .

Make your choice for purchasing a color laser printer or an all-in-one printer based on the purchase price. It is best to make a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation for a good decision. In addition to the purchase price, the associated costs of use, consumption and maintenance are also taken into account, both direct and indirect costs.

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Environmentally Friendly KYOCERA Printers 

KYOCERA Document Solutions is known for its sustainable initiatives, such as energy saving and development of environmentally friendly printers. The printer manufacturer’s latest initiative is KYOCERA Solar Powered Printing. This allows you to print with KYOCERA printers combined with KYOCERA solar panels. This way you lower your energy bill and reduce the CO 2 footprint of your organization.

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Benefits of KYOCERA printers

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Mobile printing

Via KYOCERA Mobile Print you can print or send scans and images from mobile devices to KYOCERA printers and multifunctionals in your network via WiFi with iOS or Android.

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Image quality

Thanks to the improved color and toner technology of the latest KYOCERA product line, the image quality is more vivid and sharper than ever and the toner consumption of these color printers is actually lower.

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PDF encryption, printing with a personal access code or card and other security methods ensure that your confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

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Economical TCO

TCO is Total Cost of Ownership. KYOCERA printers are very stable and robust and have a very economical TCO.

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KYOCERA Document Solutions is known for its sustainable initiatives, such as energy saving and development of environmentally friendly printers.

Green solutions
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Ceramic components

Unique to KYOCERA printers is the use of ceramic parts. Fine ceramics have physical and chemical properties that are superior to those of metals and plastics.

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