Hyundai Santa Fe price in Kenya and reviews

The new Hyundai Santa Fe takes a big step into the premium SUV segment in terms of appearance and the heavily modernized interior. In contrast, the prices for this vehicle class remain down-to-earth. The new model is state-of-the-art when it comes to assistance systems and comfort features. The fact that the Koreans are resisting the current trend towards the switch-free cockpit is just as much a statement as their commitment to the high-torque diesel engine as the cheapest option.

You can buy it new in Kenya from Hyundai Kenya from Kshs 3.3 million.

Visually, the new Santa Fe differs from the previous model primarily at the front. The characteristic twin lights, whose daytime running light elements form a T, and the wide radiator grille that seamlessly merges into the lower headlights bring a new design language. Much more extensive, however, are the advances in the interior of the new Hyundai Santa Fe.

Instead of the previous classic layout, the new cockpit now appears much more airy and modern. In general, an automatic transmission is standard on board in all variants. The diesel Santa Fe relies on an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, while the hybrid petrol engine uses a classic torque converter automatic transmission with six stages. The gear selection is now made using a two-part keypad in the center console instead of using a gear lever. The switches for various air conditioning and sound functions as well as for driving programs and assistance systems are also integrated in the center console, a clear statement compared to the increasingly reduced switch landscapes of other manufacturers. By concentrating on the middle area, however, this solution appears compact and clear.

Completely new cockpit design

Optional for the lower equipment, standard from the “Prime” line, the new Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 relies on a fully digital 12-inch cockpit. This is accompanied by a multimedia screen with a diagonal of 10.2 inches (8 inches in the basic Select model and in the Trend), which can also be used to make numerous new vehicle functions and basic settings.

Hyundai relies on a new vehicle platform for the use of electrified drives, which also enables some new assistance systems. The most spectacular innovation in this area is certainly the new parking assistant, with which the large SUV can be maneuvered into and out of a parking space from the outside using a remote control. Especially in narrow parking garages, this is a helpful feature with the wide SUV.

With the new Santa Fe, Hyundai also introduces another top equipment. In addition to the basic model Select, the middle Santa Fe Trend and the largely complete Santa Fe Prime, almost all equipment options are bundled in the new Santa Fe Signature. Only a panoramic glass roof and metallic paint is still available as an extra option for the Signature.

Even the basic model, the Select 2.2 CRDi has, among other things, LED headlights, active lane departure warning, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, voice control, the small multimedia system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and a reversing camera on board. However, all additional equipment options can only be selected from the trend equipment upwards.

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