Best Samsung smartphones in Kenya 2022

The smartphone market offers a plethora of different cell phone models and manufacturers. However, if you want to stick to the big names when purchasing a new device and prefer an Android operating system, you can hardly avoid the largest manufacturer of Android smartphones, Samsung .

We will show you which criteria are regularly valued in a Samsung smartphone test . In addition to the size of the display and the computing power, factors such as camera quality , storage space and screen resolution are also decisive. Find your new Samsung smartphone in our comparison table, which will convince you not only with its quality but also with its design.

This is how you find the best product in a Samsung smartphone test

Since new model variants regularly appear on the market, it makes sense to take a look at a Samsung smartphone test.

More and more people have a modern smartphone and regularly choose one of the latest models. If you are also interested in a new smartphone, you have a large selection of manufacturers to choose from.

One of the most famous brands is the South Korean manufacturer Samsung with its popular Android smartphones in different price ranges.

Here you can quickly see at a glance which model is currently performing best or offers a particularly fair price-performance ratio. You can also find out here what you should look out for in terms of display resolution, storage space and camera quality.

Most Samsung smartphones come in four product lines

Do you want a Samsung smartphone? Now all you have to do is decide on a model series and a specific smartphone. Each product series varies in the equipment features , size and price category. Whether entry-level, mid-range or test winner – choose the right Samsung smartphone for your needs.

Most models are divided into the four product lines S, A, J and Note . We present these product series to you here in an overview for Samsung mobile phones.

Identification of the product series:

Next to the S, A, J or Note range there is still a number identifying the model in the range. The higher this is, the newer and more powerful the model variant. Designations such as Edge or Xcover describe special models in the product series. The S and Note series also have extra large models, which are marked with a +.

Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung S series stands for high- end cell phones from the brand and includes high-priced but also very well-equipped smartphones. Here you can get devices with the latest technology , which are not exactly cheap when they are newly introduced. For example the Samsung smartphone Galaxy S9 or Samsung smartphone Galaxy S10.

An exception are the small models like the Galaxy S5 Mini with a comparatively small storage space. Although this can be expanded, the focus here is on a small, compact device that is also ideal as a replacement for MP3 players and digital cameras . As a bonus, the battery can be replaced on all devices in the S Mini series.

Samsung Galaxy A

If you don’t want to spend quite as much money on a new smartphone, the mid-range models from the Galaxy A series are also sufficient. Solid technology is also installed here . You only have to make minor compromises in terms of storage space, camera resolution and a few features. However, this is noticeable in the price, since the smartphones from the A series often cost only half as much as the latest S models.

Samsung Galaxy J

Smartphones from the J series are even cheaper , for example the Samsung smartphone J5. These devices offer you everything a smartphone needs to be able to do, but performance, features and storage space are limited . If you only want to store a small amount of data and you are okay with a lower display resolution, the inexpensive J models could also convince you.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Note series is an extension of the S series, which is still managed separately. These devices have a built-in pen (S-Pen) with which the display can be operated . This is especially useful for notes or drawings.

In addition, Note devices get an extra performance boost and one or the other feature that is initially left out in the S series . Of course, all of these factors are also reflected in the price, since this is the most expensive Samsung smartphone series .

Good to know: With the Galaxy Fold 5G, Samsung launched a new smartphone in 2019, which can be unfolded like a book and has a total of 3 screens. Since this device is very expensive and it has not been confirmed that it is a new range, we have not initially included it in this buying guide.

Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung smartphone types

Entry-level, mid-range or high-end smartphone? Here you will find a summary of all the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung smartphone models as a decision-making aid.

Samsung smartphone artadvantagesdisadvantage
Samsung Galaxy STop equipmentStrong resolution and performanceLots of storage spaceVery good cameraExpensiveStrong price drop
Samsung Galaxy ASolid technologyGood performanceMedium equipmentGood value for moneysth. expensive
Samsung Galaxy JInexpensiveModern opticsSufficient for basic useLow performance
Samsung Galaxy NoteBest equipmentBuilt-in S PenBest resolution and performanceHuge storageVery expensive

The most important purchase criteria for Samsung smartphones

The larger the display size in inches, the more unwieldy the smartphone becomes.

In addition to the weight and dimensions, when buying a smartphone, the main factors to consider when buying a smartphone are the display size , pixel resolution and camera quality , the battery , internal storage and working memory , as well as a powerful processor and a stable operating system .

Large, high-resolution display for a razor-sharp image

The displays of modern smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. You have the choice between models from 4 to over 6 inches . However, the number of pixels is also important in order to be able to guarantee the sharpest possible image.

The high-resolution AMOLED display of the Galaxy S 10, for example, has a total of 3,040 x 1,440 pixels at 6.1 inches.

All common display sizes can be found in the following table.

Display Size Artdescription
under 4 inchesMini smartphones only have very small displays.
4 to 5 inchesCompact models with 4 to 5 inches can usually be found in the middle class or among the entry-level models.
5 to 6 inchesModern smartphones have an average display between 5 and 6 inches.
6 inches and upLarge smartphones have displays over 6 inches.

A top camera ensures great picture and video recordings

If you like taking photos and videos with your smartphone , the quality of the front and back cameras is an important purchase criterion. It should be at least 16 megapixels . However, the image quality always depends on the camera sensor and the lighting conditions.

A powerful processor and plenty of RAM are the be-all and end-all

Take care of a high processor speed, thanks to which you can quickly and simultaneously use applications on the smartphone .

The more applications running on the smartphone, the more memory is required. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended if you use your smartphone intensively and want to switch back and forth between different apps without delays.

For comparison: the small Galaxy S Mini models often only have 1.5 GB of RAM and become significantly slower when you use several applications at the same time.

A Samsung smartphone with at least 64GB offers more space for your data

The more photos, videos and documents you want to store on your smartphone, the more internal memory you need. Although the storage can be upgraded if you can insert a micro SD card , the basic storage space should not be too small for performance reasons. Samsung smartphone tests show that at least 32 GB, better still 64 GB or more storage space is recommended for normal use.

In order to save storage space, outsourcing data to an online cloud is a good alternative.

FAQ: important questions and answers about Samsung smartphones

Do you still have questions about Samsung smartphones ? Here we answer some of them.

How do I download apps to my Samsung smartphone?

The most popular apps include WhatsApp, Spotify Music, Ebay, Amazon and Google Maps.

Many basic apps are already pre-installed , while others can simply be downloaded to your smartphone from the Google Play Store . All you need is an internet connection and you can choose from a variety of free and paid apps. With one click they are installed and available on your smartphone.

How long is the warranty on Samsung smartphones?

As with any other product, when you buy a Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8, you have a two-year guarantee from the manufacturer . If the smartphone is defective during this period, it can be sent in.

Depending on the defect, a Samsung smartphone repair is possible or you get a new smartphone as a replacement . However, the guarantee does not apply to self-inflicted damage, for example if you drop the smartphone and the display has cracks. Your mobile phone insurance may cover the damage here.

Where can I buy a Samsung smartphone?

Whether it’s a Samsung smartphone without a contract or with a contract – you can find a smartphone from this brand, including the right charging cable, at a particularly good price online at various online shops , mobile phone providers or the manufacturers themselves. You can save a lot with our price comparison . Of course, you can also find current models in mobile phone and electronics stores, where there are also devices from other manufacturers.

Since Samsung brings new devices onto the market almost every year, it is always worth taking a quick look at our comparison table or a Samsung smartphone test when buying a new one. This way you can quickly find the model you want at the best price .

A cheap Samsung smartphone or a Samsung smartphone watch is often used in shops that sell Samsung smartphones as “almost like new” offers without signs of use . For example at reBuy or Amazon. You also have a guarantee here, but pay significantly less for a Samsung smartphone.

However, Stiftung Warentest has already carried out tests on various Samsung smartphones. Here are the latest Samsung Galaxy 10 results .External content: Youtube videoThis content is provided by Youtube. If you activate this content, personal data may be processed and cookies may be set

Other manufacturers and brands for smartphones

Would you rather not buy a new Samsung cell phone without a contract or with a contract? The following manufacturers and brands also do well in tests and have a lot to offer technically and visually .

  • Apple (iPhone)
  • Huawei
  • xiaomi
  • honor
  • blackberry
  • hp
  • HTC
  • Nokia

Which are the best Samsung smartphones from our comparison?

Your personal test winner may differ from the comparison winner. We recommend considering the following products:

  • 1st place – good: Samsung Galaxy J4+
  • 2nd place – good: Samsung Galaxy A10
  • 3rd place – good: Samsung Galaxy A10 128 GB 
  • 4th place – good: Samsung Galaxy S8
  • 5th place – good: Samsung Galaxy A51 blue
  • 6th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy S20
  • 7th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy M12 
  • 8th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • 9th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy S10e 
  • 10th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy S10
  • 11th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • 12th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy A32
  • 13th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy A21s 
  • 14th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy A12
  • 15th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy A41
  • 16th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy – A51
  • 17th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 
  • 18th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 
  • 19th place – very good: Samsung Galaxy S21

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