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Why should I buy a laptop?

They are portable, have low power consumption and do not bother with a lot of cables. These are just a few reasons to buy a laptop . While desktops offer higher performance at a lower cost, more convenience, and easy component replacement, everything else plays for laptops.

In addition, today you can easily buy a bloated laptop, which can match even the most powerful computers . Unlike them, however, with a laptop you are not limited by large dimensions and you can go to a cottage or holiday with it without any worries.

Thanks to their low weight , today’s laptops will not work for you even during everyday travel between home and work. In addition, most of them can easily handle several hours of work on a single charge . You are not limited by accessories, you can connect almost anything to your laptop – whether with the help of a connection or wirelessly.

When choosing them, we decide according to what we want to use them for, according to the parameters and, of course, according to the price .

What type of laptop should I choose?

Laptop for fun and at home
Laptops for entertainment and at home are ideal for browsing the Internet, watching movies or working with office programs. They are most often plastic and do not have as robust construction as work laptops. Emphasis is placed on the design and features associated with sound and image – these laptops have quality speakers and glossy screens that enhance and enliven colors.

Prefer a laptop with a large display – a diagonal of 15 inches and more. Because you probably won’t wear it daily to work or school, you may not be so interested in weight in this case. You will also appreciate the keypad with a numeric keypad.

This type of laptop will easily replace a regular desktop computer. For example, you can reach for one of the cheaper laptops intended for households – for example, one of the Pavilion series .

Gaming laptop
Gaming laptop – this means a really powerful device that can handle even the most demanding requirements without any worries . The quality of processing in this case is not so important, focus mainly on the screen . Bet on a laptop with a diagonal of at least 15 inches and a glossy screen that will give the colors the right juice.

For gaming laptops, performance is the main criterion . Therefore, focus mainly on the processor, graphics card and SDD + hard drive with enough memory. Therefore, you should not miss the HP Omen and HP Pavilion Power notebooks in particular . Don’t forget that you can enhance the gaming experience with accessories such as a mouse or headphones .

Laptop at work
Laptops at work meet the most demanding requirements of most office and graphics programs. It also offers a quality construction and a matte screen for greater comfort at work .

And above all, you need to see well at work. So don’t be afraid to choose a laptop with a larger screen – a diagonal of 16 inches and more. If you travel often, you should reach for a smaller laptop with longer life and low weight. The trade-off is a medium-sized 15-inch laptop . A large connector and numeric keypad should be a matter of course.

Work laptops are often equipped with security and data encryption features. You may also want to extend the warranty . At the same time, you choose how long the warranty period you are interested in or how quickly you want to repair the laptop in the event of a fault. In addition, you can handle everything conveniently via the Internet .

Also read the hardware and software carefully. You will certainly appreciate, for example, an operating system adapted to work . The EliteBook and ProBook series notebooks, for example, guarantee high performance and really high-quality workmanship .

Laptop for everything
Are you looking for a notebook with high performance, quality workmanship, low weight and extreme durability? Then get an ultrabook that represents the best on the market for business people, students and avid gamers. You can get it with a screen diagonal from 13 to 16 inches.

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What qualities should I focus on?

What is an operating system? Is CPU frequency important? And what type of graphics card should I choose? Refer to the technical specifications with our instructions.

Operating system
The operating system is a basic program that allows you to use and control your laptop. The most common operating system is Microsoft Windows .

Today’s laptops are most often equipped with Windows10 .

Tip: Most laptops already have the operating system pre-installed, so you don’t have to worry about selecting or setting it up.

Operation memory
The operating memory ensures the smooth running of the operating system. When choosing a laptop, focus on its capacity in gigabits (GB). Simply put, the larger the amount of RAM, the more programs you run on your laptop at once .

With normal use of a laptop , 4 GB is enough . If you need to work with more demanding – such as graphics – programs or you want to play games, reach for a laptop with 8 or 16 GB of memory.

Tip: For most laptops, you can expand the memory capacity at any time – just visit a specialized service. However, laptops with a 32-bit operating system from Microsoft Windows can use a maximum of 4 GB of operating memory. Only 64-bit operating systems can work with larger operating memory.

The processor – or CPU – performs all the tasks you assign to the laptop. It affects the endurance, heating rate, noise and speed of the notebook. You will find laptops with two brands of processors on the market – AMD and Intel .

We can sort Intel processors as follows by performance from lowest to highest: Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The AMD range then consists of the A series (A6 to A10).

When choosing a laptop, focus on the number of cores and the frequency of the processor . With today’s laptops, you will most often encounter two or four cores, with more cores doing more work. The frequency indicates how fast the individual cores work. the higher their frequency, the faster they can handle the task.

Tip: Dual- core Inter Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Core i3, and AMD E-Series processors are the foundation today . All you have to do is surf the internet or watch movies. For work with more demanding programs or playing games, choose a laptop with a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor or a dual or quad-core Intel Core i7 processor.

Graphics card
A graphics card – or GPU – is a chip that creates an image on a monitor. For laptops, you may encounter two basic types of graphics cards – dedicated (standalone) and integrated (they are part of the processor).

Unlike integrated cards, dedicated cards have their own operating memory, so they are more powerful , but at the same time consume more power.

With the integrated card, all you need to do is browse the Internet, watch movies or do ordinary office work. If you want to play games on your laptop or work with more demanding – such as graphics – programs, prefer a dedicated card.

Tip: If you really choose a dedicated card , choose what you want to use the notebook for. AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce are ideal for playing games , while AMD FirePro and NVIDIA Quadro cards are more suitable for work .

The screen size is given in inches (one inch is about 2.5 cm). The most common sizes are 10.1 “, 11.6”, 12.5 “, 13.3”, 14 “, 15.6” and 17.3 “. If you travel often, choose a 13-inch laptop or smaller.

The display resolution tells us how many dots appear on the screen in width x height . In general, the higher the resolution, the better the image. For smaller laptops, the absolute basis is a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels (also known as 720p), and the standard is 1,366 x 768 (marked as HD). 15-inch and larger laptops should offer a resolution of at least 1,600 x 900 .

Also pay attention to the processing of the screen , which can be matte or glossy . The glossy surface guarantees beautifully vivid colors, making it ideal for playing games or watching movies. however, the readability of these screens is very poor in direct sunlight. If you travel with your laptop often, choose a laptop with a matte finish.

Tip: Recently, touchscreen laptops have been appearing on the market . In addition, from some models, you can completely remove the body keyboard at any time and use only the screen as a tablet.

Hard disk
The hard disk is a place where all pictures, videos, documents and installed programs are stored in the laptop. You can come across two basic types of hard drives – HDD and SSD . Each disk has a different large capacity. the larger the capacity of the hard disk, the more data it can hold. HDDs generally have a larger capacity than SSDs, but they read data up to 5 times faster and are many times quieter.

Tip: An average user can do with a laptop equipped with a 500 GB HDD . If you care about fast data loading, reach for a laptop with an SSD. The compromise is laptops that have HDD and SSD at the same time – SSD for faster work with frequently used files, HDD for large capacity.

Optical mechanics
You can use the optical drive to read and write CDs , DVDs, or Blue-ray optical discs (used primarily as high-definition movie carriers).

It is based on read-only optical drives. Drives that can also write – or burn – CDs and DVDs are called DVD-RWs. The Blue-ray-RW drives can then write the Blue-ray discs.

Tip: Most smaller laptops today have a mechanism does not – because they are thinner and lighter. If you need it from them at any time, you can buy an external drive .

Wireless connection
To get the most out of your laptop, you can’t do without a wireless connection .

The basis is Wi-Fi , with which you can easily connect to the Internet and which virtually every laptop has today.

With the help of Bluetooth wireless technology, you can connect your laptop to a mobile phone, headphones or a wireless mouse.

WiDi technology allows you to transfer audio and video to other devices – such as a television, if it is also equipped with this technology.

The WWAN module, in turn, serves as a 3G adapter into which you can insert a SIM card and connect your laptop to the Internet via a mobile operator.

Tip: The average user only needs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are standard on most laptops today . If you know you don’t need additional wireless technology, it’s unnecessary to decide when choosing a laptop.

Batteries and power
Today’s laptops last 4 to 8 hours on a single charge . In general, the larger and more powerful your laptop, the faster its battery will discharge.

Each battery has its own capacity and number of cells . More cells allow the energy expended to be better distributed and reduce battery wear. Laptop capacities are most often between 40 and 60 Wh (Watt hours). Smaller and more economical laptops can do with less capacity, while powerful laptops require 70 Wh and more.

Tip: Do you need a laptop that lasts a really long time without being connected to a power supply ? For example, choose one of the ie. ultrabooks .

Connection ports and connectors
The connectors are used to connect other devices to your notebook. See which ones should not be missing on your laptop .

USB is one of the ports that no laptop can do without. Used to connect a telephone, keyboard, or printer. You can find them in two versions: basic 2.0 and faster 3.0.

With the VGA port, you can easily connect another screen to the laptop. However, it is no longer used in the latest laptops, because it can transmit only image, not sound.

Today, the HDMI connector is most often used to transfer audio and video to another screen . It enables high-definition video transmission and connects it to most monitors and televisions.

You can also meet DisplayPort more and more often , which you will find especially with work laptops. Unlike the HDMI connector, it can be connected to multiple devices at once.

The most modern connector for video and audio transmission is the Thunderbolt , which, unlike other connectors, can also transmit data.

You can also connect headphones, speakers or a microphone to your laptop using the audio connector .

Thanks to Ethernet , you can connect to the Internet via a wired network. You can also find this network port as RJ-45. But is it much more convenient to use a wireless network? Wi-Fi.

An ExpressCard is a universal card that you insert into a computer to get, for example, another USB port.

Tip: If your dream notebook does not have all of the listed ports and connectors, don’t worry about it. Most regular users will actually only use the USB port and HDMI with an audio connector .

Also pay attention to the keyboard . The dimensions of the individual keys, their distances and shape differ from model to model. If you frequently use your notebook, prefer the numeric keypad model . Some laptops have a backlit keyboard .

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